How to distribute Python COM applications?

hungjunglu at hungjunglu at
Wed May 16 23:21:42 CEST 2001

I have asked Mark Hammond, but no clear answers, yet. (He told me to 
look into regsvr32.)

I am also starting to look at all installation aspects of Python COM. 
(registry items, DLLs, etc.) If I succeed, I'll let people know.

So far I have succeeded in distributing Python COM client 

It's the Python COM server part that is complicated. I know py2exe or 
Gordon installer are not enough, but besides that, more registry 
tweaking and DLL handling are needed.

But meanwhile, if anyone already has experience in packaging and 
distributing Python COM applications (that is, without the end-user 
having to install ActiveState's Python or the win32all package 
explicitly), it'll be great to have a few more pointer to make this 
process easier. Any help is appreciated.


Hung Jung

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