need code to gen all bit possibilities for 64 bits

Nick Perkins nperkins7 at
Thu May 31 01:37:18 EDT 2001

there are 2**64 possible patterns of 64 bits.
that is a big number.

..a very big number.

....a very very big number.

..oh, wait, I see, you don't want all of them, just some of them..(phew) basically, what you need most is a way to generate some 64-bit binary
..representing a contiguous set of integers?  (not sure what you need)

"Bryan Webb" <bww00 at> wrote in message
news:9f4ipd$reu at
> Hi,
>     I need code to generate  bit configs for 64 bits. I know that this
> be big. I would like to be able to start and stop at a certain point and
> write the results to a file to input to another program.
> Thanks for the help
> Bryan Webb

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