Simon Brunning SBrunning at
Fri May 18 04:22:21 EDT 2001

> From:	Stephen Hansen [SMTP:news at]
>     Ouch. After somehow meandering to amk's webpage, and hitting the
> Python-dev summery, and then spending nearly two and a half hours (... i
> don't quite remember that much time passing ...) reading the discussion
> that's been going on, I'm wondering: is the python-dev mailing list open?
> Not for participating -- i'd be way out of my league -- but just to have
> pile in my inbox to read and keep up on things.
>     Since I didn't see it on the 'mailing lists' section of,
> I'm
> assuming its not.. but heck, might as well ask anyways. :)
AFAIK, Python-dev not open for subscription, but anyone can post to it. I
believe that the rationale behind this set-up is that if people were able to
subscribe to the list, they wouldn't be able to resist posting, and the list
would end up being swamped with those 'I think Python should have feature X'
treads. You know the sort of thing I mean. <wink>

Anyone can post, though, so that it is possible to make suggestions to the

Like you, I'd be interested in reading it, but wouldn't feel up to
contributing. But hey, I probably wouldn't understand half of it anyway...

Trembling-in-the-presence-of-the-Elder-Gods-ly yr's,
Simon B.

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