Anyone got Zope talking to Sybase on FreeBSD

Reinoud van Leeuwen reinoud at
Wed May 2 18:35:49 EDT 2001

Hello world,

Although I am aware that this question might be a little off-topic
here I have not found a better place to ask...
I am trying to make my Zope on FreeBSD talking to a Sybase (
database server.. I found some instructions on the Zope site that are
two years old and do not seem to work. When I try to build the Sybase
DA (SybaseDA-2_0b2 I could not find anything more recent), the build
process chuckled somewhere on:

cat: /usr/local/lib/python2.0/config/Setup.thread: No such file or

and indeed this file does not exist.

Is there anyone who got it working (either with the native FreeBSD
Sybase libraries or with the FreeTSD libraries)?

I use FreeBSD 4.2, Zope 2.3.1 (with Python 2.0)


BTW: is *anything* happening on the Sybase/Zope front at all? I can
find any recent information...
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