Messaging in Py?

Courageous jkraska1 at
Sun May 20 22:32:27 EDT 2001

>> >I don't mean messaging as in 'instant messaging' but 'messaging'
>> >as in message-oriented middleware ...

>> It's just _so_ trivial to write network code in Python. What actual
>> capability do you want?
>It's *so* generous of you to offer... &wink;
>Since you ask:
>     - a complete Pythonic clone of JMS
>     - ZODB as a backing store
>     - XML wire protocol, SOAP preferably
>     - XPath expressions to filter messages subscribers receive
>     - powered by asyncore
>     - world peace and a new PC...

What you're looking for is an asyncronous publish subscribe
text and/or serialized object delivery service between mutual
peers? With possible serialization using xml pickle, but
even better, with extensible/plugin-based serialization?
Would the backing store be for session rejoin / recovery,
or did you have something else in mind?

I'm asking you this, because as it so happens I'm working on
a _paid_ government research project at the moment in this
area, and am in the process of developing a reliable,
channelized UDP layer to support much of this. While my
primary work is not in Python, much of the first pass prototype
work is.

If I got a CVS tree root up on source forge, I wonder how many
people would be interested in working on it? I might do the
initial work, and then give it to the community. The government
would probably be as happy as pie to successfully host a
worthwhile open source effort.


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