Python Risk

KEVIN kapblp at bellsouth.n0t
Wed May 9 19:48:31 CEST 2001

> I'm now a strong Python advocate but a question that seems to be comming
> quite a bit lately is, what would happen to the language if something
> to our BDFL (aka GVR)? Would the language stagnate or is there enough of a
> 'machine' out there to continue its evolution and support?

"In the early years, one question frequently asked was, 'What if Guido gets
hit by a bus?' The community worried that if Guido died, so would Python. In
1998, the Python Consortium was founded as a means for ensuring the survival
and growth of Python. Corporate members of the consortium pay a substantial
sum of money to Guido to work on Python (and nothing else), provide other
useful services to the Python community, and appoint a successor for the
time he might be unwilling or unable to direct the future course of Python.

"It seems certain that Python will not just survive but will move into the
twenty-first century with vigor."

>From "Sams Teach Yourself Python" by Ivan Van Laningham p. 11 which I am
just now reading and using to learn Python.  The reason I have chosen Python
as my first programming language to learn (with exception of a little BASIC
back in the old days) is because of a recommendation from TECHTV's Leo

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