Hungarian notation (was RE: variable naming...)

Courageous jkraska1 at
Tue May 1 02:53:59 EDT 2001

>The underlying fundamental problem is that the programmer speaking in the
>programming language domain and not in the problem domain.  (I wish I knew
>who originally pointed this out to me so I could attribute it appropriately)
>Until that distinction is made by the programmer, that programmer is going
>write code, and is not going to write programs.

I find this observation to be quite astute. For example, I once worked on a
project where the domain experts (not programmers) drafted the object model
in Rose and expected us (the programmers) to implement it. It was a ridiculous
affair, and unmigated disaster, and predictably so: the object model which you
use to solve a problem is distinctly seperated from how user's personally
conceive of things. While their conceptions might drive what's PRESENTED
on a user interface, it is only marginally related to how an internal object model
might be constructed.


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