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> > From:	Neil Benn [SMTP:neil.benn at]
> > No keep it as supercede - that a British spelling!!
> Both the definitive COED and the heretical Webster's show supersede as the
> main spelling, and supercede as the variant spelling.
> I could correct the spelling of colour, of course. But I suspect that would
> upset browsers even more than it would upset the colonials!
> Cheers,
> Simon Brunning
> TriSystems Ltd.
> sbrunning at

The American Heritage Dictionary likes supersede too, although supercede 
makes more sense if it's related to succede in any way. Of course 
sense never stopped the English language.

As for colour, tyres etc. please keep them - they're colo(u)rful! Please 
don't start spelling "world" like you say it though! To my ears, you guys 
barely can bear to say 'r' in some places, so it sounds like "BBC Wuld 
Suvice" to me :-)

We now return you to your regularly seduled(sic) python :-)


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Seattle, WA USA
A french canadian/scots/english texan with no discernable accent and only 
a mild case of Anglophylia.

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