Extending Python with C/C++ on a win32 platform

nomad nomad*** at ***freemail.absa.co.za
Wed May 23 06:38:30 EDT 2001


	I've been trying to build a python extension using VC++6, but
the extending/embedding tutorial from th epython manuals seem to be
focused on developing extensions on a unix platform.  I've tried to
work my way through as best I can with the examples, but I still can't
get it to work properly.

	Are there any other good tutorials, or examples, that are
aimed at developing extension win32, or even better VC++6?  Also, if I
could work my way through some complete source code, that would also
help alot - if anybody has some working VC++ extensio code out there
and wouldn't mind sending it, I'd be happy to read through it...



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