Tkinter question: menu.add_checkbutton & Win2K

Ulrich Gortz ugoertz at
Mon May 21 13:16:24 EDT 2001


I have a very strange problem (which might not even be related
to Tkinter directly, but nevertheless I am hoping that someone
can point out where to look for a solution).

I want to add a checkbutton to a menu in Tkinter, with the
add_checkbutton method. This basically works, but the checkbutton
is not displayed properly. The corresponding line in the menu should
consist of three parts: the indicator (a tick under Windows) which
shows the state of the button; the label; and possibly the accelerator
(which might show a key shortcut like "Ctl-C" for this button). Now 
in my program, the indicator and the label "overlap" for some strange 
reason: either the tick is not displayed correctly, or (after pointing 
the mouse to that line) the tick partly covers the first letter of 
the label.

This happens even with the most basic test code, but only under
Windows 2K (with linux and on one Win95 box it worked fine).
Of course that might well be a problem with Tcl/Tk, or even with
the particular setup of my Windows box. I am using Python 2.0.

Any comments appreciated.

Ulrich Goertz

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