Surprising (for me) benchmark results...

E. Mark Ping emarkp at CSUA.Berkeley.EDU
Wed May 2 01:03:29 EDT 2001

In article <3AEF6B55.4FFDAED4 at>, Don O'Donnell  <donod at> wrote:
>"E. Mark Ping" wrote:
>>     I inserted timing for the sort,
>> and in Python (in the small case) it was about 180 ms, whereas in C++
>> it was about 140 ms.
>Most likely then it's in the file I/O that Python is beating out the
>others.  What version of Python did you use.  the reason I ask is
>because I read on the site in A.K.'s "What's New in
>Python 2.1":
>The speed of line-oriented file I/O has been improved because people

FTR, it was Python 2.0 (ActiveState) that I ran.  I'll have to test it
with 2.1 in the near future.
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