Help setting CGI Environment Variables

Tim Roberts timr at
Tue May 29 06:42:16 CEST 2001

Ari David Greenberg <arigreen at> wrote:

>Thanks for your help. This approach DOES let my code run correctly, in
>that it displays TEST_VAR as an environment variable. However, this
>doesn't really set the environment variable for this process.

There may be an aspect of this you haven't considered.  You mentioned that
you want to change CGI environment variables.  Remember that a CGI process
has a very short life; as soon as you've drawn your page, the process ends
and the environment goes away.  If you want to start a subprocess and have
it inherit an environment, that works, but if you're hopin to set a
variable and have it survive until the next CGI request, there is no way to
do that.
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