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> """
>  Martijn Faassen wrote:
> >Ah, this isn't an actual thread, it's just a deep-coded PSU
> >interchange. The messages are more or less fluff, but there's
> >a secret message in it. It's not easy to determine the message
> >yourself, just start your python interpreter and type
> Python Secret Underground?
> My, that sounds strange.  Ever hear of a language mafia
> before?  Even if there was, why would they hang around
>  Tim no doubt has something to say about this <wink>.
> So, back to the thread.
> Ahhh, what was this branch of the thread about again?  Text,
> and how it's the only thing which conveys "intellegent
> content"?
> No way can i believe in that conjecture.  One only need
> look at scientific journals to see that graphics and images
> are very important.  Oh, and if you see color pictures you
> know either they are very important or the lab is rich,
> because putting color costs the author even more money to
> have it published.  (Neighborhood of an extra $1,000 for
> some journals!)
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Cute. Loved each valuable entry, really.

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