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> I have a list object that contains card values (i.e. 2-10, J, Q, K, A),
> but I can't seem to print the list in such a way that it doesn't appear
> as follows:
>      [2, 6, 'A', 8, 'J']
> I don't mind the commas, but how do I remove the quotes and brackets
> without going through contortions?

Print the cards individually:
    for card in list: print card,
Or turn each element into a string and join the elements together:
    SEP = ", "
    print SEP.join([str(card) for card in list])
If you prefer, or if you are using Python 1.5 you can also spell that last 
    print string.join(map(str, list), SEP)

If you change your list so that all cards are strings to begin with then 
you can just:
    print SEP.join(list)

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