Solaris Weirdness with 2.1

Tom Loredo loredo at
Wed May 16 14:11:36 EDT 2001


I'm just installing Python 2.1 on Solaris 5.7.  I had no problems
with Python 2.1 itself (though it did skip readline; I just ignored
that for now).  I had the "Text relocation..." errors when compiling
PIL 1.1.2.  They went away if I changed the shared library linking
command from "gcc -shared" to "ld -G".  I'm not sure what the problem
was there, because "gcc -shared" seemed to work fine for building
Numeric 20.0.0.

I'm currently trying to build cephes-1.3, but having troubles like
those just mentioned.  I have had occassional trouble building
shared libraries for Python under Solaris since my first Python
(1.5.2).  For my own modules, I always use "ld -G".  Note that
the man file for gcc on Solaris indicates that "-shared" is
supported by "only a few systems."  I wonder if its support
under Solaris is only partial.  Or it may just be that some
libraries need to be added to the link list, or updated.  Just

Tom Loredo

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