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Timothy Rue threeseas at
Thu May 31 00:23:39 EDT 2001

Being a rookie at python programming and the fact this is something of a
port from Arexx (Amiga rexx), I'm open to comments, suggestions and any
help on completeling the Virtual Interaction Configuration (VIC) project
that this command "IQ" is a part of.

use command line of >python
for use help.

Here is an IQ parsable text file that goes over the larger project.

Try a command line of >python -k "*" "*"
to generate a Table of Contents of the KNMVIC text file.

Here are some test files that may give you a better idea of what IQ does  also file2 and file3

try setting the "linenumber = 0" in the top part of the code to
"linenumber = 1" and use the command line of
>python -k fle1 "*" "*"

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