"Feature" in ntpath.py in Python 2.0?

Tim Howarth tim at worthy.demon.co.uk
Sat May 5 03:12:56 EDT 2001

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          Ben Allfree <cm at bldigital.com> wrote:

> Does anybody know if join() in ntpath.py was changed from appending the
> os.sep value to appending a hard-coded "\\"? Unless I changed my distro
> in previous releases and forgot, I thought os.sep could be changed so
> that join() would behave differently.

Yes it changed, I was doing work on a non-NT OS which had to play with
NT filenames in a file.

Trying to use os.path was obviously incorrect so I changed os.sep, that
failed - ah, I imported ntpath and used that directly.

It actually seemed the correct way to do it.

My guess is..

NTpath if for manipulating NT paths - which should always therefore obey
NT's conventions, os.path is for manipulating live path names on
whatever OS it is running.

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