Python is also a Lisp compiler name?

Gareth McCaughan Gareth.McCaughan at
Mon May 14 17:30:10 EDT 2001

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Roman Suzi <rnd at> writes:
> > It seems, there is a Lisp compiler, called Python ;-)
> Yep:
> $ lisp
> CMU Common Lisp 18c, running on
> Send questions to cmucl-help at and bug reports to cmucl-imp at
> Loaded subsystems:
>     Python 1.0, target Intel x86

When there have been discussions about the difficulties of
compiling Python to decent native code, I have been tempted
to post an article saying "I have on my machine a Python
compiler, which does a fine job of type inference and
such stuff despite the dynamism of the language, and
produces code within a factor of 2 of optimized C"... :-)

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