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> >> I'm not familiar with Lynx. Which is consultant-speak for 'I've never
> >> heard of it'. Could someone point me at it? (I did a quick google, but
> >> most of the links point at some obscure browser.)
>   This just makes me laugh...  "Use Lynx to get a text version of your
> web page."  "All I can find is some text-based web browser..."
Well, if (a) you knew that Lynx is a text browser, and (b) you knew that
Andrew was asking for a text version of the QR, then yes, it would be a bit

But I knew neither of these things - Andrew suggested that I run the QR
through Lynx to replace the cheatsheet. Now, I don't have that file in my
distribution. Given that it was missing from the Windows installation
suggested to me that it might be a *nix file format of some kind - a man
page or some such.

My cursory research into Lynx told me that it is a browser - it was not
immediately obvious that this was the Lynx that Andrew suggested.
>   You're blond, aren't you, Simon?
Bald actually. But if you are suggesting that I'm stupid, then I'll admit to
that one.
> > Bingo.  Lynx is an obscure text-only browser, hence Andrew's suggestion
> to
>   "Obscure" may not be the right word, given that it's the oldest
> browser still in use, and about 1% of the users who hit my site use it
> (at ~28000 hits/month, that's probably a tolerable sample size),
> according to my logs.  It's also the primary browser for the blind, and
> for Unix users who can't be bothered to waste time waiting for X and
> Netscape to start up.  Lynx starts in a fraction of a second (0.012s
> according to time).  Very useful.
Well, *I'd* call 1% fairly obscure. Which doesn't mean bad - Python is
obscure as compared with VB, say, and I'm sure that we can all agree...

Your point about the blind is well made.
>   I've encountered people who are hostile to it before (sometimes VERY
> hostile, verging on religious jihad, as though the existence of a text
> browser is somehow causing them direct physical harm), but this is the
> first time I've seen someone who allegedly uses computers regularly who
> didn't know what it was.
I ain't hostile - just ignorant. And yes, I had *heard* of it - I just knew
nothing about it. I'll bear it in mind in future.

I reckon that if you took a poll of people who 'use computers regularly',
most if them would never have heard of *Linux*, let alone Lynx.
>   Why, you're right, that's MUCH easier than installing a simple program
> like Lynx (it's a standard part of almost all Linux installations -
> Linux wins again in the ease-of-use and most-programs-readily-available
> departments) and typing `lynx --dump url >url.txt` (or browsing with
> lynx and "printing" to a text file, if you don't believe in automating
> things).
As I admitted elsewhere in this thread, I'm a Microsoft
victim^h^h^h^h^h^huser. Is Lynx available for Windows?

If not, then there is rather more than a simple install involved, isn't

Linux is certainly on my 'absolutely must learn' list, but it's not at the
top yet...
>   And making people who suggest good tools do all the work with those
> tools for others, why that's just common sense.  Wouldn't want to make
> anyone learn new things, or encourage anyone to share information like
> that, now would we?
Andrew was suggesting that another file format should be supported - he
wasn't *just* suggesting a tool, he was suggesting a job and a tool to do it
with! 'You want it, you make it' isn't really that unreasonable.

Ah well. What's happened to lately? It's been like walking on
eggshells recently.

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