Poor Man's Zope...

Vincent A. Primavera vincent_a_primavera at netzero.net
Thu May 3 10:29:15 CEST 2001

	Well I am not really familiar with CGI concepts(yet anyway...) and I was 
hoping to find some way for the end user to interact with .pmz pages with 
form fields and the like(editing text boxes to set python variables etc.) I 
will take a look at mod_python and mod_pyapache.  We'll see what happens.

	Thank you,
	Vincent A. Primavera

On Thursday 03 May 2001 12:09, Andreas Jung wrote:
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> Subject: Re: Poor Man's Zope...
> > Hello,
> > I figured out the problem...  What was wrong was that I cut and pasted
> > the sample from the web site into a text editor which then inserted | | |
> instead
> > of spaces for the indentation of the loop.  It was the .pmz program that
> had
> > the problem all along(which I figured out by cutting the tags out of the
> > program...)  But, one question...  Is there any way to use PMZ to
> > interact with forms without using CGI directly?
> What do you mean exactly ? You can use e.g. run PMZ with mod_python
> or mod_pyapache inside the Apache server for better performance. I have
> not tried it yet but it should work. There is also a very rough alpha
> version of PMZ C-reimplementation available. However this stuff is
> currently mostly unsupported due to time constraints.
> Andreas

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