help: cgi "post" problem (client side)

Piet van Oostrum piet at
Sat May 5 07:06:58 EDT 2001

>>>>> "Gilles Lenfant" <glenfant.nospam at> (GL) writes:

GL> Thanks Piet !
GL> Since my first post, I tried the same with Linux/Apache and all worked
GL> perfectly.
GL> Does this mean that PWS is buggy : it serves POST CGI to browsers but not to
GL> python scripts through "urllib.urlopen('http://site/cgi-bin/',
GL> urllib.urlencode(datadict))".
GL> This is strange but...
GL> Okay, I'm gonna install Apache on my Win98 box.
GL> I plan to go to Win2K in few time. Win 98 definitely sucks.

I tried it on Win95 also and there it works too. So I think Win98 should be
no problem.
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