Range Operation pre-PEP

Greg Ewing see at my.signature
Thu May 10 00:37:18 EDT 2001

Roman Suzi wrote:
> Please, recall the main reason for the new feature:
> - to allow beginners learn loops BEFORE they learn
> lists and functions

I don't see anything wrong with learning about
lists before for-loops. Playing with lists is
much more fun than just playing with numbers
(which non-mathematically-inclined people may
find boring).

And functions don't come into it at all,
either way.

> But our discussion showed that there is probably no
> much need in pushing ".." any more... :-(
> because I see ".." as an only-for-novice feature
> and we (who discuss) are no novices to judge...

More importantly, I don't think there should be
any syntax that is there *just* for novices. A
piece of syntax needs to earn its keep much better
than that before it's worth keeping around.

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