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Harvest T. Moon info at
Thu May 31 11:38:16 EDT 2001

> I would like to know if there is any toolkit to do GUI apps with python
> would work on mac, windows, unix and beos?
> akhar

hehe, good question.
first of all, there is no usable GUI toolkit for BeOS. the one module called
Bethon is quite nice and gives a wrapper to the native C++ GUI calls, but
it's really limited due to missing methods, objects etc. also, it is not
thread-safe IMHO so any serious development is not possible :(
sad thing to say as i'd love to use BeOS as my main development plattform
for my GUI apps.

for Mac, Windoze and *nix there is Tkinter (a wrapper for tcl/tk), the
de-facto standard GUI library for Python, so for cross-plattform development
it's really the best choice IMHO.

Harvest T. Moon
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