inclusive-lower-bound, exclusive-upper-bound (was Re: Range Operation pre-PEP)

Stephen Hansen news at
Sun May 13 03:26:37 EDT 2001

    I meant, I find "1.0." to look uncool :) With the period on the end, not
that I dislike having to type "1.0" nessearily... i've never typed a
floating point without the decimal part, can't fathom why someone else
would... but the second period seeming to be connected to the floating point
is what bothers me. :)

    But its your language. *grin*

"Andrew Maizels" <andrew at> wrote in message
news:3AFDF826.17FAE504 at
> Stephen Hansen wrote:
> >     I realize you said that you do not like semi-colons, but it seems to
> > that your use of a period as a statement seperator has its own problems.
> > Consider the following:
> >
> >         print 1.
> >
> >     In Python, that is printing a floating point number. In Pixy, that
> > printing an integer. Now, It'd be all fine and dandy to just make it a
> > language requirement that all floating points *have* a number after the
> > decimal point, but it eats at the clairity and starts looking uncool:
> >
> >         print 1.0.
> >
> >     Just an example. :)
> Yep, that's exactly what you have to do.  Personally, I don't find 1.0
> uncool at all, unless it's a release number (I'd wait for 1.2, myself).
> To be precise, a period followed by whitespace is a statement separator;
> periods are allowed in other contexts with other meanings.
> Andrew.
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