Why aren't we all speaking LISP now? (Andy Todd)

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Thu May 10 20:34:23 EDT 2001

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>Andy Todd quotes me and then writes:
>>However, The discussion is an interesting one but has one *major* 
>>presumption; that the study of computer science is the study of 
>Ah, you need to read what I wrote again.  I said that at the University
>of Toronto people who studied computer science got computer science,
>not programming, and it was a bad fit because they didn't want to study
>computer science, they wanted to study programming.  You also need to
>buy a good atlas an consult with it before asking me questions about
>the difference between and education in the United States and in 
>the United Kingdom, because Toronto is in Canada.


My apologies for not paying the requisite attention. My only (feeble) 
excuse is that in my enthusiasm to contribute to the debate I didn't check 
what I was quoting carefully enough. 

I also promise faithfully not to interchange the phrases 'US', 'Canada' and 
'North America' in future, please put it down to my physical distance from 
these places blurs the distinctions ;-)

Content free posts a speciality

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