.pyc crashes, .py doesn't

Christopher Brand nospam at newsranger.com
Tue May 8 18:03:58 EDT 2001

In article <m3vgnbse2d.fsf at atrus.jesus.cam.ac.uk>, Michael Hudson says...
>Wierd!  Can you get a backtrace?  

No, due to the GPF (the invalid page fault in MSVCRT.DLL) Python exits most
ungracefully :)  No traceback, just a stack dump which, I'm afraid means very
little to me.  

>Can you at least tell if it crashes on import or later, when the app is >running?

I will look into that one...

>Write protecting the directory the .py files are in?  Stopping the
>crashes sounds the best bet to me, though.

That might work on the NT/IIS box, to a large extent it will depend on the
rights that IIS4.0 requires in order to be friendly with my scripts.  I don't
have such fine-grained access control on the Win98/Apache machine I am
developing on.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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