Opinions re PostgreSQL Interfaces

Imbaud Pierre pierre at saiph.com
Wed May 23 10:09:45 EDT 2001

John Bell wrote:
> I'm going to be starting a project soon in Python which will require a
> DB Interface.  I'm pretty much sold on PostgreSQL.  I see that there are
> three widely available DBI's compliant to spec. 2.0 from the DBI SIG.
> I was wondering if anyone had anything to offer re the relative merits
> of PygreSQL, PoPy and 
> --
> Regards,
> John Bell
NOW I can answer; I seen your msg days ago, and had no opinion.
I first picked up PygreSQL, BUT this guy doesnt implement the cursor()
(hence has no cursor object). How it actually works without this is
a mistery to me, but well I guess it does. How it can claim compliance
to the db API
is puzzling too (seems that the API allows actual modules not to
implement it).
PoPy and psycopg, I could not find built rpm. Or rather, the rpm I found
are too new
for my rpm to install. 
I picked up psycopg, this module claims to be heavy-duty designed,
multi-cursors etc.
building was easy (Im not that familiar with it), install too. So far,
behaves, but I
didnt test it thoroughly though.
I talked to another guy, good python wiz, who installed PoPy, for a
not-so demanding
app, but months ago, seems happy with it.
AND I recently suscribed to the DB-DIG mailing list.
Tell me what U did, when U have a chance? I feel I need feedback too

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