How to list files, folders and all their files under the folders

Ben b.e.n. at .r.e.h.a.m.e...c.o.m
Mon May 21 19:53:43 EDT 2001

Using os.path.walk you can traverse a directory tree and return all
directories and files to a list ... the below example takes it a step
further and generates fullpath names in the list DirectoryList

import os

DirectoryToWalk='c:\\Test\\' 	#Specify Directory To Traverse

def walker(arg, dirname, filenames):
    # Create A List Of Files with full pathname
    for files in filenames:
        arg.append(os.path.join(dirname, files))

DirectoryList = []			#Write Full Pathnames Here

os.path.walk(DirectoryToWalk, walker, DirectoryList)

Hope this helps


On Mon, 21 May 2001 21:55:10 GMT, "Jennifer Jeng"
<jeng at> wrote:

>Is there a way to list all files, folders and all the files under those
>folders using python.

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