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Wed May 9 14:59:03 EDT 2001

Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> Chris Barker wrote:
> > Let's hope Numeric gets into the standard library soon.
>     "This PEP proposes a redesign and re-implementation of the multi-
>     dimensional array module, Numeric, to make it easier to add new
>     features and functionality to the module"
>     (the PEP doesn't mention it, but iirc, part of the reason for a
>     rewrite is that the current codebase is one big mess.  before
>     that's sorted out, it won't be added to the core)

Unfortunately, the major overhaul means that it it going to be quite
some time before it is included. It looks like a lot of good stuff,
however, so I'm looking forward to it.

Of course, even if it's not part of the standard library, it could still
be included with a distribution, like MacPython does. I've always
appreciated that (thanks, Jack)

> also see:

Thanks for reminding me, I have seen those PEPs before, and I am waiting
with bated (baited?)breath for them to be implemented. I wish I could do
more to help out myself.

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