how to get the environment variable??

Ben Hutchings ben.hutchings at
Thu May 10 20:08:28 EDT 2001

ed_tsang at writes:

> hi i am trying to set a global variable called tharn from the 
> environemtn variable in my .cshrc file ... 

You mean, in your program's environment.

> I used the folowing code:
> try:
>     tharn = os.environ['THARN']
> except KeyError:
>     try:
>        tharn = os.environ['CTF']
>     except KeyError:
>        print "\nEnvironment variable THARN must be set"
>        print "before starting the Test Harness."

Change the message to match the code ('variable THARN or CTF')!

>        sys.exit(1)
> The problem I am facing is tharn can be set by either environment 
> varible CTF or THARN. Only one of CTF and THARN should  exist, or 
> they can be both missing then user get a wanring message...

What if they're both set?

> I amnot sure if my code is archieveing that....
> or any potential pittfall in this ... wondering if I may intoduce 
> error in having another try .. except block in KeyError...

You certainly can have nested try...except blocks.

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