Python vs. Perl

Greg Ewing see at my.signature
Thu May 24 22:36:43 EDT 2001

Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> The programmer should ask himself, "Is
> this exactly what I want to be doing? Is this comparison a '<' or a '<='? Is
> this off by one?

Most of the time, Python operates at a high enough
level that you don't have to think about such
details. For example, to iterate over the items of
a list you just say

  for x in mylist:

and you don't have to worry about whether the
indexes go from 1 to n or 0 to n-1, etc.

Certainly you have to think about what you are
doing, but mostly the thoughts are high-level
thoughts that are fast and easy to think. Writing
code "as fast as you can type" is perhaps a
little exaggerated... but not by much!

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