use of import of PIL incorrectly documented, or is it just me ?

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Tue May 1 15:39:42 CEST 2001

Max Møller Rasmussen <maxm at> wrote in 
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>> From: Fredrik Lundh [mailto:fredrik at]
>> your copy of PIL isn't properly installed; from the README:
>> If you're using Python 1.5 or later, the preferred way is to create
>> a "PIL" subdirectory under "site-packages", copy the "PIL.pth" file
>> to "site-packages", and the rest of the files to the new 
>Well what I have is:
>I would believe that that should correspond to your approach. But I still
>have to use:
>from PIL import Image
>Actually I have to use:
>import sys

Careful about using this if the interpreter isn't restarted every time (i.e. 
Python in ASP) since this adds the path over and over.
if sys.path.count('C:/Python20/Lib/site-packages') == 0:

Also site-packages isn't put into the Python Path with ActiveState 
ActivePython. You can add it to the registry. 

Look at the other keys there and copy one and put in site-packages.

You'll have to do it again when/if you upgrade to 2.1

>I'm using Activestate 2.0. on windows 2000 Pro. Maybe there is something
>wrong with my installation, or Activestates installer? It's all just plain

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