Using Python on a Mac

Jacob Kaplan-Moss jacobkm at
Tue May 1 22:28:56 CEST 2001

> > Can I use Python on a Mac
> Yes.

I'll go one step further and give you some help on getting started.  The 
main page for the MacPython distro is 
<>.  You'll find links to the 
current version there.

As you'll see on the page, the current final version is 2.0, but you'll 
find a 2.1 release candidate floating around on the FTP site, and the 
2.1 final should be out soon.

As for documentation, <> has 
the (incomplete) documentation for the Mac specific modules.

Finally, the PythonMac-SIG is where us MacPython-ers gather to discuss 
the Mac specific stuff.  More info about the SIG can be found at: 

Hope this helped,


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