Does Python have Class methods (yes, with this patch)

Pete Shinners shredwheat at
Tue May 8 11:40:39 EDT 2001

<costas at> wrote
> Does Python support the concept of class methods (as opposed to
> instance methods)? If not is there a suggested way of doing this?

no, it doesn't. while there is support for class member data,
no support for class member functions. it's pretty inconsistent,
and there have been times i really wanted it.

in fact, i wrote a patch for it. it was trivial to implement,
i'm not so sure it will be accepted. but hey, show me the code, eh?

it works perfectly. class methods are just functions which don't
take a "self" argument. i've tried it for several cases and they
do work. just can't really base any code off of this until it
is accepted into python 2.2   ;]

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