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Tim Peters at
Fri May 18 17:50:01 EDT 2001

[Mark 'Kamikaze' Hughes, on Lynx]
> ...
>   "Obscure" may not be the right word, given that it's the oldest
> browser still in use, and about 1% of the users who hit my site use it
> (at ~28000 hits/month, that's probably a tolerable sample size),
> according to my logs.  It's also the primary browser for the blind, and
> for Unix users who can't be bothered to waste time waiting for X and
> Netscape to start up.  Lynx starts in a fraction of a second (0.012s
> according to time).  Very useful.
>   I've encountered people who are hostile to it before (sometimes VERY
> hostile, verging on religious jihad, as though the existence of a text
> browser is somehow causing them direct physical harm), but this is the
> first time I've seen someone who allegedly uses computers regularly who
> didn't know what it was.
> ...

Get it a rest.  Agreeing with Simon that Lynx is "obscure" was not a value
judgment, but an accurate characterization of stats like "about 1% of the
users who hit my site use it".  1% is obscure in any endeavor.  Python is
still an obscure programming language too.

although-perhaps-no-longer-as-obscure-as-lynx-ly y'rs  - tim

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