Evaluating python - a question

alan.prescott at nospam.jarrold.com alan.prescott at nospam.jarrold.com
Thu May 17 12:59:09 EDT 2001

I'm just starting to look at Python as a language but there's one thing that
is bothering me regarding using it for large projects and that's the ease
with which I can put in a simple typo and not have it spotted by the
compiler. For example;-
I create a class ...

class person:

This class has an attibute of forename so

me = person()
me.forename = 'Alan' 

is Ok but a simple typo (especially with my keyboard skills) of

me.froname = 'Fred'

will go undetected and I'll have to spend ages digging around to find a bug
which languages like C/C++/Pascal would throw out at compile time.

Is there any mechanism in Python to detect typos like this as, in a large
program, they're bound to happen.

Thanks - Alan

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