Messaging in Py?

Kendall Clark kendall at
Sun May 20 22:05:16 EDT 2001

Courageous <jkraska1 at> wrote in message news:<shtfgtk5gdhojvhp4cruvq50jbqatreh94 at>...
> >I don't mean messaging as in 'instant messaging' but 'messaging'
> >as in message-oriented middleware and Tibco, Talarian, BEA, IBM,
> >etc. -- i.e., client-server frameworks for (a)synchronous messaging
> >in Python.
> It's just _so_ trivial to write network code in Python. What actual
> capability do you want?

It's *so* generous of you to offer... &wink;

Since you ask:

     - a complete Pythonic clone of JMS
     - ZODB as a backing store
     - XML wire protocol, SOAP preferably
     - XPath expressions to filter messages subscribers receive
     - powered by asyncore
     - world peace and a new PC...

Ok, I'll negotiate on that last one. :>

Seriously, while I agree that it's easy to write networking code
in Python, nothing's easier than finding out someone's already done
or started the project you need, and you can help out or adapt their

For more about JMS, see

Python has a little bit of everything; but so far, I can't find
anything like JMS. (Well, there is a Python interface to Tibco's
messaging server, but that's big league expensive; there's also Elvin,
which is interesting, but has some warts and seems to be going in a
different direction.)

Kendall Clark

PS -- I'm asking because I want to prototype a distributed,
consensus-based content editorial/workflow system for the sites, which is ideally suited for both point-to-point
and publish/subscribe messaging.

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