Python Inheritance - A C example (without third party libraries)

Courageous jkraska1 at
Sat May 12 07:07:04 EDT 2001

>Can someone give me a source code example of how to derive a python class
>(written in C) ....

There are no classes in C. There is no "derivation" (sic) in C.

>from another python class (also written in C) such that...

There are no classes in C.

>a. Derive further classes from it (in python)

This is normal object behavior in python. See xxobject.c in the source release
for more details. I also recommend _Essential Python Reference_, which has
one of the better-written sections on Extending and Embedding that I've ever
seen. Native classes in Python are not characterized by any "inheritance"
in the native C language (there is no inheritance in C)); rather, objects are
differentiated by their signature, the functions they offer, and the mapping of
the type name to a known glue structure. If you wish to write an extension
object which "inherits" (sic) from another native-C Python object, you're
going to have to do this the hard way or use a code-generator.

>b. Determine if a derived class is a subclass of a particular base class (in

There are no classes in C. There are no derived, sub-, parrent-, or base-
classes in C.

>I know there are resources such as CXX, SCXX and the boost library but none
>of these seem to make it clear and the python doc's aren't up to scratch in
>this area.

_Essential Python Reference_ is good.


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