Input-Output to web pages, Jython? Zope? Tkinter? JavaScript? Advice???

kosh kosh at
Sun May 13 18:43:19 EDT 2001

Ron Stephens wrote:

> 2. Zope. My web site hosting service does not allow CGI. Rather than
> switch to a hosting service that allows me to use CGI (and rather than
> switch to a service that allows me to run my own web server and use
> server side Python), can I set up a Zope server on my home machine. I
> have cable modem and my ISP seems to give me an always-on numerical IP
> address that always stays the same. Can I set up Zope, and have a link
> from my web page to my home IP address just to run the Python scripts
> interactively? I have set up Zope but can not figure out yet how to
> connect to it remotely.

Check out I have been using them for zope hosting for a while. 
They have been very reliable and their prices are very reasonable. You even 
get ssh access to the machine and your own complete zope server so you can 
even change the code for zope or upgrade the version if you want.

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