who uses Python or Ruby, and for what?

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Andrew Dalke <dalke at acm.org> wrote:
>in Python in the code size you are talking about.  Python has always
>been of better quality than the C compilers on the same platforms.
I repeat this, because I find it a massively
underappreciated fact.
>The answer to 1) is no, I don't want to write up yet another
>description - see my last paper at the Python conference, or my 01/01
>article for Dr. Dobbs, or read the dozens of papers from previous
>Python conferences (are they available online?) or scan through the
>back newsgroups postings.
I thought I'd consolidated Conference pointers on an
accessible Web page, but apparently all I've done so
far is the seventh, eight, and ninth ones.
<URL: http://starbase.neosoft.com/~claird/comp.lang.python/7IPC.html >
If there's sufficient interest, I'll publish the others

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