Long names are doom ?

00001111 00001111 at aol.com
Fri May 25 19:29:43 EDT 2001

 Hi All,

  Anybody use variables/names longer than 31 character
and finds it really useful ?

Then please respond  why, where, when.
I have folks here in comp.lang.fortran who will die claiming that they

- "never seen a well written, legible program
  that uses any identifiers longer than 18-20 characters..".
- "long variables names are *hard* to read.  And, you have to
  read though all the characters of every instance of them...".
- "it degrades the legibility of a program to use identifiers that
  can't be easily remembered...."

As a result, despite 90% of computer languages have long, very
long or 'infinite' identifiers, fortran folks seems plan to stay
with their 6...aargh ...sorry this was just not far ago... 31 character
limit intil year 3000.


Seems my ISP does not post in Phyton ng.
Sending three times all unsuccessful

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