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> I think this suggests a greater issue:
> We have a Tkinter book.  Soon we will have a PyQT book.  A WxPython book
> is clearly needed.

I've got a basic outline for a wxPython book done, and have been adding
content to it as I have time available.  Unfortunately it's been going lots
slower than I would like...  Until I know that I can dedicate a solid few
months to it I am reluctant to get a contract with a publisher, but I do
intend to complete it so there definitly will be a book one day.

> I'm sure it would sell well.  I'll promise to buy 10 if that helps!

Now you just need to get five friends to make the same commitment, who will
also get five friends, who will also... <wink>

There is also a community sponsored documentation project going on at
http://wxpython.org/cgi-bin/wiki which is currently focusing on docs to help
get the newbies up and going with wxPython.  If interested in helping you
should join the wxPython-docs maillist at

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