ANN: 0.9

Cayce Ullman Cayce at
Wed May 2 00:17:41 CEST 2001

The latest version of (a SOAP implementation written in Python), was
released today.  

Check out its interop matrix :
(more servers, more successes)
or download it :

Interop endpoint server info:

Name: 0.9 (
SOAPAction: "urn:soapinterop"

Comments, feedback, patches, etc... very welcome.

Changes since last version: 

- The Envelope now just contains definitions for namespaces actually used
- Namespace definitions are inherited by children but not siblings (Builder)
- Further improved multi-reference parsing -- it handles circular references
- Added support for building recursive and circular types using references
- More types
- Proper handling of overflow and underflow integral and floating point
types (Parser)
- More interop
- Various bug fixes and improvements

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