How to test if connected to the Internet

Ron Johnson ron.l.johnson at
Tue May 8 00:57:45 CEST 2001

Daniel wrote:

> Hi,
> A few days ago, I wrote some code (see post on NNTP) that allowed
> posting a message to a newsgroup.  All goes well if the connection
> with the Internet (to my ISP) is already established, but how can I
> check if there is already a valid connection? And if there isn't a
> connection to the ISP, how do I dial in using Python code?
>  I have tried but
> don't seem to get anywhere...
> Is there some (easy) example code available which lets me check if a
> connection to the Internet is established or not?  If not, how can I
> dial-in to my ISP using Python?

If using Linux/Unix, you could always try 
  /sbin/ifconfig eth0 |grep eth0
and if you find eth0, then proceed with your Python script.

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