I really like Python but ....

Bill Walker bwalker at earth1.net
Sun May 27 20:47:18 CEST 2001

I've tried py2exe and freeze, and they both generate a directory full of
stuff that runs fine on my main machine but fail when I take it to a machine
without python installed.

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> > I'll accept even a decent byte-code compiler that locks up all the
> modules,
> > dlls, etc, into one exe. No, py2exe doesn't work well; especially with
> Normal Windows technology does not support "locking up ... DLL's ...
> into one exe".  There are some tricks that (sometimes) let you do
> something similar, but they're not reliable -- tend to break any time
> a new SP for some Win32 platform is released, and on several other
> occasions.  .NET may change that (maybe).  In the meantime, the
> state of the art on Windows is to distribute a self-unpacking, self-
> installing file (either a .EXE or a .MSI) which, when run, basically
> gets all the pieces out (into some kind of directory structure), writes
> stuff to the registry, etc.  Any .ZIP of all needed files, with the
> little layer to make it into a self-extracting .EXE (and maybe run a
> setup program once unpacked) will do, though fancy GUI's etc are
> no doubt best obtained via Wise, InstallShield, etc, etc.
> > tkinter -- leaves out modules.
> You mean some DLL's are NOT "locked up into one exe"?  Right -- see
> above.  Not solidly feasible in today's Windows platforms.
> > Without this capability it is just too hard to distribute code to any
> Funny, because distributing code "without this capability" is exactly
> what firms developing for Win32 have been doing for so many years,
> whatever language[s] they use.  And while .MSI (Microsoft Installer)
> makes some things a bit easier (arranging everything so that a future
> uninstall won't break anything, for example), Wise &c give a reasonably
> capable programmer this ability since years ago.  Starting from the
> file collection assembled by py2exe seems easier than starting from
> what a typical VC++ development project leaves you with.
> Alex

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