Dependency Inversion Principle -- Python Way

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>> In my mind people don't spend enough time thinking about communicating
> with
>> the next developer that has to look at your code, especially in the code
>> itself, not in supporting documentation.

> Young ones don't.

Hey, I count as a young programmer and I use docstrings and comments
all over my code! Sometimes my style could be called 'comment-first'
(and then code). :)

> Us old crufties must have come to realize
> the need to communicate *to OURSELVES a week from now* what
> the H**K we had in mind when we wrote this, that, and the
> other -- one learns not to be too clever and tricky &c AND
> to let the code be as direct an expression as feasible of
> one's design ideas.  Comments and other supporting docs do
> not cut it as they may too easily get out of sync with what
> the code is actually doing...

Young programmers have heard about Extreme Programming too, you
know. Not that this was invented with Extreme Programming; they're
just the most popular bunch that articulated and promoted this
approach. They may be in a long line of such groups, but I wouldn't
know that; before my time, young programmer and all. :)


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