Steve Cooper stevencooper at
Wed May 2 22:46:23 CEST 2001

I personally don't want Python to be (become) a swiss army knife with all
these new language widgets.  I'd rather have an efficient screwdriver that
works well with, but doesn't replace, the rest of my toolkit.  I think that
was the original intent.  I hope it stays that way.

When the quantity of double-underscore tags in typical Python scripts starts
approaching the number of dollar signs in typical Perl scripts that's when I
jump onto Ruby, or whatever the next great hope will be. :-)


Andrew Kuchling wrote:

> root at (David) writes:
> > Is the primary focus these days on adding new language
> > features/commands/components, or on cleaning up the existing codebase?
> It seems to mostly be on new language features (iterations,
> generators, unifying types and classes).  I think this effort is
> mostly misplaced; raw language features are rarely a reason to choose
> one language over another, the availability of libraries being a more
> critical issue.  Sadly the development team seems to have forgotten
> this.
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