a sub process problem.

Rainy sill at optonline.net
Sun May 27 17:18:16 CEST 2001

On Sun, 27 May 2001 11:40:44 +0530, Rajarshi Guha <rajarshi at presidency.com> wrote:
> i,
>   I was writing a script to search my mail archives. After doing the search
> I'd like to start Pine from the script and view the results. In addition
> after the
> exit of Pine I want the script to carry on - ie the script should wait until
> the pine process finishes. I've tried using the popen2 class but I get the
> following error:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/home/rajarshi/src/misc/py/ptest.py", line 153, in ?
>     print p.poll()
> AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'poll'
> ,where p = os.popen4("pine")
> But the docs say that instances of popen2 and peopn4 have the methods poll()
> and wait().  I also tried os.spawn(os.P_WAIT,"pine") but then the the
> program just carries on and no pine comes up.
> Could somebody please tell me where I'm going wrong and how I could solve
> this problem.
> PS. I'm doing all this under Linux and Python 2.1
> TIA,

Wouldn't it be simpler here to just use os.system?
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