GNU/Linux vs. Windows as Python platform

bowman bowman at
Fri May 18 15:39:17 CEST 2001

"Terry Reedy" <reedy37 at> wrote in message
news:Z14N6.2752$uk2.728676 at
> By binaries, I was thinking of extension modules like PIL, wxPython, etc
> for which the developers have often made Windows binaries but not
> everything else.

There is a difference in cultures. Windows does not come with a working
compiler, Linux does. While rpm packages are becoming available for more
apps, especially for the common Linux distros, many Linux users expect to,
and prefer to, build their own from source.

If nothing else, you are ensured all the parts will fit. Linux has
infinitely more variations than Windows, but gcc is almost universal.
Building on Windows may be done with any one of several compilers, and they
do not necessarily play well together.

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