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> I'm looking for ways to spell property collection ie
> PC.attr1 = value1
> PC.attr2 = value2
> PC[i].attr1 = value
> ...
> if PC[i].attr hasn't been explicitly set then the default is found on
> the un-indexed thing.
> My solutions seem to involve elements which need to refer to the parent
> and thus create a loop.

I don't think this creates a loop:

class PropertyCollection:
	class Properties:
		def __init__(self, dict):
	def __init__(self):
		self.__dict__['attrs'] = {}
		self.__dict__['i_attrs'] = {}
	def __getitem__(self, i):
		if not self.i_attrs.has_key(i):
			self.i_attrs[i] = self.Properties(self.attrs)
		return self.i_attrs[i]
	def __getattr__(self, k):
		return self.attrs[k]
	def __setattr__(self, k, v):
		self.attrs[k] = v
	def __delattr__(self, k):
		del self.attrs[k]
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